Holdomor: The Forgotten Genocide in the Soviet Union

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For eight decades, the greatest mass murder in modern history has been shamefully covered up or ignored.

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That’s How the ‘Liberation’ of Poland by the Red Army Was: the Mass Rapes of Girls and Women

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More than 100,000 Polish women, aged 4 to 80, were raped by the Soviets

WARNING:The content of this post can be upsetting for the reader. Indeed, I have thought seriously whether I publish it, but what happened must be remembered for respect to the victims.

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Bulgaria Condemns Russian Exhibit Lauding WWII “Liberation” of Eastern Europe

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Ukraine Today .org

Bulgaria lambasted a World War Two exhibition organized by
the Russian Embassy marking “the liberation of Eastern Europe from
Nazism,” saying the region had instead being subjected to a half century
of repression by “Soviet army bayonets.”

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry of Bulgaria— which for decades a
Soviet satellite in Eastern Europe but now a Westernised democracy—
urged Russia’s mission in Sofia “not to take a stand in support of a
dubious historical claim” that treated Soviet forces’ arrival in 1944 as
a liberation.

The statement said this position amounted to meddling in the internal
affairs of Bulgaria, now a member of the European Union and the
U.S.-led NATO alliance.

While acknowledging the critical Soviet role in defeating Nazi
Germany in the Second World War, the ministry said the Soviet Union had
also forcibly cut off eastern European countries from the rest of the
continent during the Cold…

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Why MUST They Take Your Weapons: The Red Terror Is Coming To America – THE GOVERNMENT RAG BLOG


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