Adolf Hitler About Technology

The German engineer and technician, our physicists and chemists, they belong to the pioneers of the world.

Speech of March 21, 1934 in Unterhaching

Modern technology compels man to seek his own paths. From purpose and material, only forms are found and developed, which in the aesthetics of many machines, for ex-ample, breathe more Greek spirit than many a poorly copied building. This mighty new area has, as new land, to point the way for the spiritual monuments of a just as modern as aesthetically satisfying creativity. From here the development, through the new building materials like steel, iron, glass, concrete etc., takes the path necessarily corresponding to the building purposes and these materials.

Speech of September 1, 1933 in Nuremberg

A whole number…of great works, canal constructions, dams, bridges, go along.

Interview of October 18, 1933 in Berlin

In the hour we are united here (at the Unterhaching construction site of the Reich Autobahn Munich-Provincial Border on the occasion of the opening of the 1934 spring offensive against unemployment), in the north of the Reich in Niederfmsow a gigantic work of German engineering skill and German work and creative energy is turned over for use: the largest ship hoist works in the world.

Speech of March 21, 1934 in Unterhaching

For it is a beautiful realization to be allowed to help work on a work, which does not serve the interests of an individual and is not the property of an individual, rather belongs to all and will serve all for many centuries.

Speech of March 21, 1934 in Unterhaching

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Foundations: White Nationalism and the ‘Internationale’

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Foundations of The Twenty-First Century

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The International Dynamics and Viability

of  Ethno-NationalismUnity

by Frank L. DeSilva

The White Nationalist gets a good chuckle when opposition forces or simple ignorance champions the attack against ‘white nationalists’ as anti-internationalist. Nothing is further from the truth. The inter-nationalist character of White Nationalism is well documented, and has been a viable and healthy component of ethno-nationalism for a hundred years or more; over the past forty years, its has congealed into a defined and politically adept premise of the present-day white nationalist.

In Europe, for instance, the developmental momentum of nationalistic thought, a sure indicator of traditionalism, is seen in virtually all of its communities, and the strongest aspect of this reaffirmation is caused by the importation of ‘labour’ – even if sharing the same racial components if coming from a ‘foreign’ country –  at the expense of the indigenous work-force; this aspect of ‘tribalism’ has, traditionally, been a…

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What Are The Tenets Of White Nationalism?

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Foundations of The Twenty-First Century

What Are The Tenets Of White Nationalism?

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count 1,027

Over the last Year, many have come to me, asking me what, exactly, are the ‘tenets’ of White Nationalism.

Firstly, I ask if they have read the complete Work. Mostly, these individuals have only read excerpts, here and there.

It is not a good idea, with any work, to take bits and pieces, put it together, and then introduce it to the public so, with that in mind, below is partial presentation of the 25 Points, as constructed in this Work.

The Reader should recognize, at the outset, that these ’25 points’ are, like all presentations of this type, workable and valuable, as seen by those who, collectively, added to the corpus. Likewise, as I have said before in the above Work, this collective effort is but a ‘watermark’, and as the future progresses, the…

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La lutte pour une cause supérieure: le National-Socialisme

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Le national-socialisme – La lutte pour une cause supérieure


Sebastian Elofsson explique comment la cause nationale-socialiste est une lutte pour des valeurs plus élevées.

(Mouvement de résistance nordique)

Au fond de nous, chacun d’entre nous sait que quelque chose ne va pas dans la société et qu’il manque quelque chose. Certains le perçoivent comme un étrange sentiment de vide et de froideur. Cette sensation nous ronge constamment, jour et nuit, sans fin. C’est un sentiment auquel nous aimerions remédier, mais comment le ferions-nous ? Et pourquoi avons-nous cette sensation en nous ? Notre voix intérieure nous dit que tout devrait être différent, que nous devrions agir différemment.

Nous vivons dans un monde défini par un mode de pensée matériel, une société marquée par un consumérisme excessif né du matérialisme. Un monde et une société où règnent l’argent, le pouvoir et l’égoïsme. La…

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Remembering Leni Riefenstahl:August 22, 1902–September 8, 2003

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