1945 Article: “HOLOCAUST IN DRESDEN – City Wiped Off the Map”

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Justice for Germans

HOLOCAUST IN DRESDEN - City Wiped Off the Map - The Advertiser, Adelaide, Tuesday 6 March 1945, page 4AAP And British Official Wireless LONDON, March 4 (1945).

Dresden was completely wiped out by the massive Allied air blows on February 14 and 15. Not a single building remains and tens of thousands of citizens are buried under the ruins, reports the German news agency, in what Reuter’s describes as the most revealing admissions of devastation ever to pass the German censorship.

The news agency’s war correspondent writes:—“The Dresden catastrophe is without precedent.  There were a million people in Dresden on the night of February 15, including 600,000 refugees from the east. Raging fires spread irresistibly in the narrow streets, killing a great many for sheer lack of oxygen. Even identification of victims was hopeless.”

“Two more British formations appearing on the blood-red horizon after midnight, spread further devastation and added to the holocaust. The town area is devoid of life and the buildings are beyond…

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Top Ten Reasons White Men Need to be Ardent Opponents of Pornography — Renegade Tribune

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Meža Vilks

The issue of pornography has recently come to the forefront of conversation in “right wing” circles. Gab recently banned all

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What Really Happened in Dresden – Eye Witness Victor Gregg — Renegade Tribune

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Meža Vilks

In 2011, Victor Gregg published Rifleman about his time on the front line in World War 2. Here he talks about his memories of his experience during the Dresden bombing.

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I am a “white nationalist”, and you are being lied to

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A few days before the murder of 22 people in an El Paso Walmart, there was a story in The Forward, Antisemites Make a List of Jews – and Twitter Stands Up in Solidarity, in which it was reported that white supremacists were targeting Jews on Twitter for harassment by searching for people who openly stated they were Jewish.

Jewish Journal columnist Ariel Sobel [u]rged her thousands of followers to “avoid typing out the phrase ‘I’m Jewish’ on Twitter.” She had discovered that white supremacists were using the phrase “I’m Jewish” to compile a digital archive of Jewish targets.

[A] flood of supporters and well-wishers replied with Tweets including that phrase. Jewish Twitter-users expressed their Jewish pride, and non-Jewish allies posted the phrase in order to confuse and disrupt the white supremacists’ data collection.

It was a heartwarming story of people of all faiths coming together from across the…

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Timeline Of The Jewish Genocide Of The British People

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Here’s how it happened:

1066: In return for financial support William The Conqueror brought the jews to England with him. The jews soon acquired a reputation as extortionate moneylenders which made them extremely unpopular with both the Church and the general public. 

1290: King Edward I finally expelled the jews from England. The jews swore their revenge.

Expusion and relocation of jews during the Middle Ages.Expulsion and relocation of jews during the Middle Ages.

1649: The jews financed Oliver Cromwell’s otherthrowing and beheading of Stuart King Charles I after he refused them control of England’s finances.

1655: The jews were readmitted to England by their puppet Oliver Cromwell.

1660: With the British People becoming sick of austerity under the jewish puppet Oliver Cromwell, Charles Stuart landed in Dover in May 1660 and was restored as King Charles II of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland to wide popular acclaim…

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