Rethinking Hitler & National Socialism

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Der Stürmer


I suppose it would eventually come to this: all the reading, investigating, and research I’ve done since discovering the truth about 9/11 would lead to a re-examination and re-learning of much of history, especially the mainstream version of WWI and WWII history. Since I began looking into 9/11, I’ve explored all sorts of “conspiracy theories”, but lately, largely as a result of following the work of Deanna Spingola, ZionCrimeFactory, Carolyn Yeager, Veronica Clark, and others, I’ve began to delve deeper and deeper into revisionist history and what Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) really stood for. And today I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you about this subject.

I’ve mentioned before that I once bought into Jim Condit, Jr.’s thesis about Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP, namely, that Hitler and many of the top Nazi leaders were

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Anti-Revisionist Repression to Perpetuate the jewish Holocaust Lie — Renegade Tribune

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Meža Vilks

A particularly outrageous feature of anti-revisionist repression is that the defendants are never allowed to prove the validity of their arguments: a revisionist who sticks to his views in court usually faces a particularly severe punishment because of his “obstinacy” and “unwillingness to repent.”

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Post-War jewish Ethnic Cleansing of Germans: Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia — Renegade Tribune

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Meža Vilks

The Treaty of Versailles had already set the stage for jewish violence which gravely impacted minority German communities in Eastern Europe: with the jewish Allied WW1 victory Eastern Europe was carved up with the primary goal of destroying any possible future German prosperity and growth.

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The International Auschwitz Controversy — Renegade Tribune

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Meža Vilks

Only a few decades ago it was considered a “certainty” that every transport arriving at Auschwitz was subjected to a selection process during which those unfit for labor were separated and killed “by gas:” that was especially true for the jews deported from Hungary however it turned out they were merely transferred to other camps.

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How The Nuremberg Show Trials Perverted Justice & Then American Law Schools: A Case Study Of The Southern Methodist University’s Nuremberg Attorneys

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WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

…Our Western concept of justice relies on the impartial administering of the law. Such justice is not possible when the judges are the political enemies of the accused, and when the accused are prosecuted for acts of war the Allies themselves had committed…. the defense had access only to those documents which the prosecution considered material to the case. The defense had no right to review the tons of remaining documents that might help them defend their clients… at the same time that more than 9.3 million Germans, mostly women and children, were being intentionally starved to death and subjected to mass rape…

The U.S.-led delegation employed more than 600 people, compared to 168 who worked for the British and less than half that number who worked for the French and Soviets combined… (Why? Was WWII fought predominantly on American soil?)

hangings nuremberg trials “The conduct of the American judges at…

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