The U.S. and Britain Helped Cover Up the Katyn Forest Massacre

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World War 2 Truth

Editor’s Note: This article should silence all those people who think that Hitler had to be stopped after he invaded Poland. “He is a war monger who wants to take over the world” the Jewish press stated repeatedly. France, Britain and the U.S. told Poland “we have your back”, and gave them free reign to confront the Germans and goad them into a conflict. This included murdering thousands of “volkdeutsch” (ethnic Germans) stranded in Poland after WW1. They said it had to be a world-wide conflict after this, even though it could have clearly been left a simple border dispute between the two nations. The fact is, the All-Lies never intended to help Poland, and they simply used the Poles as an excuse to attack Germany. The other dirty little secret is that the All-Lies knew about Soviet atrocities, even going back to the “Russian Revolution” (Jewish coup). And…

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