AP news report: Few know the story of Jews in Red Army during WWII – What role did they play?

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Justice for Germans

Soviet troops marching into Poland

By DANIEL ESTRIN | Associated Press – Sun, May 5, 2013  (excerpts) — Once a year, Israel’s Jewish war veterans don suit jackets and uniforms dripping in Red Army medals, the shiny bronzes and silvers pinned to their chests in tight rows like armor.

About 500,000 Jews served in the Soviet Red Army during World War II. Most of those still alive today — about 7,000 — are said to live in Israel.

Every year on Victory Day, which falls on Thursday this year, they parade in uniform throughout Israel to celebrate Nazi Germany’s surrender to the Soviet Union.

About 1.5 million Jews fought in Allied armies, including 500,000 in the Red Army, 550,000 in the American army, 100,000 in the Polish army and 30,000 in the British army, according to Israel’s Holocaust museum Yad Vashem.

Some of those who fought in the Red Army served in the highest levels of command. About 200,000 Soviet Jewish…

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Communists Torture and Massacre Priests, Nuns, and Choir Boys in Marxist Upheavals in Spain


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Curse of the Tsar Killers. What strange fates greeted the murderers of the Romanovs?

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What strange fates greeted the murderers of the Romanovs?

Michael Walsh

Whilst the fate of Tsar Nicholas II, his family and his aides is reasonably well known but the Devil is in the detail. The unknown story is the karma like fate that befell the Bolsheviks who slaughtered the world’s most revered royals is thought-provoking as it is fascinating.


(1885 — 1919)

Yakov Sverdlov (Yankel Solomon Movshevich Sverdlov) played a major role in the execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his family on 17 July 1918.  In 1918 the investigating magistrate in Yekaterinburg scrutinised Yakov Sverdlov’s signature on telegraphed instructions to murder the Imperial Family, the details of which were first published in…

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