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Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude

by Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel

This article was written for mature and thoughtful people who want to understand today in light of yesterday. It was not written for baboons who start to howl the moment they hear “Hitler” – the way the monkeys of my youth used to howl in front of my window in South America when they heard a thunderclap.

Its author is a relatively young South African banker by the name of Stephen Goodson. I have his permission to post it.

Here goes:


At the end of November 1918, Adolf Hitler returned to Munich…

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The Enigma of Hitler

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Der Stürmer

By Léon Degrelle

Hitler, you knew him, what was he like?

I have been asked that question a thousand times since 1945, and nothing is more difficult to answer.

Approximately two hundred thousand books have dealt with the Second World War and with its central figure, Adolf Hitler.

But has the real Hitler been discovered by any of them? “The enigma of Hitler is beyond all human comprehension” the left-wing German weekly ‘Die Zeit’ once put it.

Salvador Dali, art’s unique genius, sought to penetrate the mystery in one of his most intensely dramatic paintings. Towering mountain landscapes all but fill the canvas, leaving ony a few luminous meters of seashore dotted with delicately miniaturized human figures: the last witness to a dying peace. A huge telephone receiver dripping tears of blood hangs from the branch of a dead tree; and here and there hang umbrellas and bats whose portent…

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Hitler’s rise to power: Unseen photographs show the Fuhrer and his Nazi commanders during the years leading up to World War Two

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The Hitler No One Knows

The “whip.” Enemy papers excitedly write that Hitler always carries a riding whip. In reality, it is a dog whip that the Führer carries today as a reminder of the time when he could carry no weapon at all. Then the whip was his only defense…
As the battle began… this is a picture of the Führer from 1919, when Hitler began calling the German people to resistance at ever larger meetings.
The earliest picture of the Führer at the begining of his political activity: Dedicating flags on Mars Field in Munich in 1923.
After a 3 hour meeting, the Führer strides exhausted through the lines of SA and SS comrades, surrounded by the cheers of thousands who now have new faith and new hope.
The Speaker. The National Socialist German Workers Party grew through mass propaganda. Even today Hitler is not only the Führer, but also the best propagandist of his movement. His words fall like hammer blows in the hearts of the tens of thousands who hear him: “One does not beg for his rights, one fights for them.”
The hands of the Führer organize his speech. This picture captures Hitler’s hands as he speaks of the unity of the National Socialist and socialist ideas.
On the train. When winter makes roads impassible for automobiles, the Führer travels by train. Otherwise, Hitler always travels in his own car, a large Mercedes, which brings him safetly to his destination and saves time.
Here, too, Hoffmann gives him no peace.
When evil men wanted to hurt him deeply, they poisoned his favorite dog. That is how evil fights a good person..
In his beloved mountains. From time to time the Führer visits his “villa” in the Bavarian Alps for a few hours or days. He has a small wooden house that his sister purchased. There he finds the inner strength for new tasks.
A photograph accidentally becomes a symbol. Adolf Hitler, the supposed “heretic,” leaves the Marine Church in Wilhelmshaven.
Even the youngest want to take Hitler’s picture….
On the Pier. A short rest during a trip to East Prussia.
Adolf Hitler’s life style is simple. He never drinks alcohol and does not smoke.
Hitler Youth. Even the youngest fight for him….
The Brown House in Munich is the goal of S.A. men from all regions of Germany. How their eyes glow when the Führer is with them!

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The source: Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler wie ihn keiner kennt (Berlin: “Zeitgeschichte” Verlag, 1932).

Der Führer in den Bergen

This is a booklet, actual size, of photographs of Hitler. People received upon donating to the Winterhilfswerk, the Nazi Party’s charity organization. Several dozen booklets of this nature were published during the Third Reich. The photographs are by Hitler’s favorite photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, who published numerous illustrated books featuring Hitler during the Third Reich.

The following text is at the end of the booklet:

It is obvious that a man who is as involved in political affairs as the Führer must sacrifice his private life. Even if he wants occasionally to free himself from the pressure of daily affairs, political problems follow him even to the furthest corner of the German homeland. After all, everything in Germany both begins and ends with this man. Some people wonder why the Führer has chosen the Obersalzberg as his home. One who has been there understands that there is probably no place in Germany where, despite the nearness of the surrounding mountains, one has so wide and unhindered a view of the beauties of nature. The Führer lives here in the midst of the beauties of nature, a metaphor for human events. Here he writes his major speeches which affect not only Germany, but give new direction to events in the entire world. Far from the confusion and noise of everyday life, the seeking spirit, surrounded by the vastness of the landscape, finds the right paths for the people and Fatherland. As the mountains remain eternal despite the passing of millennia, so, too, the work the Führer has begun here will live for millennia in the history of his people.

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Hitler Is Loved as a Hero Across Much of 3rd World – India, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Middle East

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