Historians continue to cast doubt on Hitler Jewish ancestry theory, despite new claim – The Jewish Chronicle


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The Hitler Faith

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Racial Idealism

Its First 100 Years

James Harting

Hitler Faith

“I reread and studied [Mein Kampf] some more. Slowly, bit by bit, I began to understand. I realized that National Socialism, the iconoclastic worldview of Adolf Hitler, was the doctrine of scientific, racial idealism – actually a new ‘religion’ for our times.”

George Lincoln Rockwell, This Time the World


It has long been recognized that Adolf Hitler was someone who was more than just another German politician, and that the National-Socialist movement he created was something more than just another transitory political faction or party. Even his bitterest enemies acknowledge this. As time rolls on, the perception that Hitler was in essence a religious figure of the first order has grown. It is now fair to say that that a new spiritual creed has emerged from the ashes of the Second World War: the HITLER FAITH.

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