How to Spot and Identify a Jew

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Der Stürmer


At this time in history one must become an adept at discrimination, he must learn to discriminate between what is good for the White Race (the highest virtue) and what is bad for the White Race (the ultimate sin).

The most dangerous threat to the White Race is the Jew. In order to avoid the harm the jew poses to the White Race a White Racial Loyalist (he who is loyal to his own kind the White Race) must become acquainted with the Jew.

In becoming versed in the lore of Jewishness, its characteristics and attributes, one must make a thorough going empirical study of Jews in one’s own personal life, through a prior acquaintance with the following works which constitute a basic course on Jewishness:

1) “How to Recognize and Identify a Jew”, by John Doe Goy;

2) “The Racial Biology of the Jew”, by Baron…

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3 thoughts on “How to Spot and Identify a Jew”

  1. The different physical features you mention could fit anyone. Let’s go back to the yellow armband a jew must wear. jew sympathizers that wear the armband shall be taxed daily.

    Today we do have the mask we are required to wear, to sympathize with the N(j)ew World Order. Two people at Dr. David Duke’s 70th birthday had Confederate Flags on theirs. Anybody know where I can get them with a Swastika?


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