When Considering Reparations for Blacks, Keep in Mind the Massive Scam that Reparations for Jews Always Was


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The Jewish “Denazification” of Germans After WW2

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World War 2 Truth

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by Meza Vilks, a regular writer for the Renegade Tribune, who also has his own wordpress website: aryankampf.wordpress.com. Meza has written many excellent articles for Renegade, so please check them out when you get a chance. This particular article is on the “Denazification” process that started immediately after the war in Germany and continues even to this day.

General Dwight D.”Ike the Kike” Eisenhower, August 6, 1945 in a radio speech to the vanquished German people:

“The coming months are going to be hard for you. You will just have to be tough – there is no alternative. Every sign indicates a severe shortage of food, fuel, housing and transport. It is therefore up to you to alleviate your hardship by working very strenuously and helping one another. The prospects for this year’s harvest look good. But people in…

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