These 5 Weapons Made Nazi Germany a Military Superpower

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One thought on “These 5 Weapons Made Nazi Germany a Military Superpower”

  1. Kyle and the 5 weapons is poorly written. The Russian T34 was the greatest tank until near the end of the war, it was communications and commanders that made German tanks superior. Kyle also mention German mass production. If my memory serves me, the Russian T=34 built 10 times as many as total German production.

    The German machine gun would run out of ammo in 15 seconds and did not have single shot capacity.

    U boats were superior until 1943 when the Allies found a way to detect them underwater.

    Airplanes: Kyle should have mentioned the ME 262 and ME 163 jets. Hitler was a great leader for Germany, but not for the fighting forces.

    If Hitler & Ribbentrop could have held off the war one more year, Paulus had joined Manstein in late Dec., 1942, started Barbarossa earlier, ;not gone for Leningrad, he made so many errors.

    Think of where the world would be today if Charles Lindbergh had become US President and we had joined Hitler? If I knew how to send you a picture, I have one with me ~8 feet from “Lucky Lindy”. Dave W.


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