The Gas Chambers: Truth or Lie?

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World War 2 Truth

Editor’s Note: The following is a brilliant response by the legendary Robert Faurrison to a question posed by a French journalist in 1979. Faurrison was one of the the first Holocaust revisionists and he published many articles for the Journal of Historical Review. He also wrote many letters to the French Newspaper Le Monde, and many of them were actually published! Now of course anyone who denies the sacred Holocaust is considered by the media as no different than a serial killer, and is given NO air time to tell their side, and will most likely be vigorously prosecuted by any legal means necessary, depending on what country they live in. Share this accurate and detailed response to anyone you know who still believes in the gas chamber myth. It’s time to clear Germany’s good name, and stop this insane guilt trip that has been placed on them.

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