Were The Medical Experiments On Prisoners At Dachau An Exceptional Horror?

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Editors Comment:

This landmark trial resulted in the establishment of the Nuremberg code, which sets the guidelines for medical research involving human beings. A significant addition to the literature on World War II and the Holocaust, medical ethics, human rights, and the barbaric depths to which human beings can descend. 

Vivien Spitz

The use of vulnerable or captive people for medical experimentation is to be condemned no matter who conducts it. Claiming prisoners gave their consent belies their controlled environment, their mental state and the likelihood of coercion. Further, informed consent relies on full disclosure of the risks and effects laid out plain and clear for the individual to understand. This applies equally to soldiers they are also in effect ‘captive’. That they ‘volunteer’ en masse could imply they are making career vs. health based decisions and may not have been made aware of the full risks.

Australia, for example…

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