Adolf Hitler About the Armed Forces

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Der Stürmer

For us the army is the representational and actual expression of the strength of a nation for the external defense of its interests.

Open Letter to Brüning of October 14, 1931

The victory of our ideas will convey to the whole nation a political and world-view thinking, which puts the army into a real inner, spiritual relation to the whole folk and hence rescues it from the painful fact of being an alien body within the own folk.

Open Letter to Brüning of October 14, 1931

Only the man is a real one who also defends himself like a man, and a folk is only a real one, which is ready – if necessary – to step onto the battlefield as a folk. This is not militarism, rather self-preservation.

Speech of April 27, 1923 in Munich

Only if the nation’s defense question – which is foremost not a technical…

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