A 2012 Dresden News Article Report on Mass Graves found in the City Center, but known since 2002

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Justice for Germans

BildAlready at least eleven bodies found at Wettiner Platz! Why have they not told us about this mass graves? Files show that the first bodies were first discovered in 2002!

By Seb Gunther and B. Schilz (07.07.2012,  BILD Newspaper, Dresden version – my English translation)

Dresden – It’s an incredible discovery in the City Center of Dresden. On Thursday at Wettiner Platz, construction workers came upon a mass grave containing bombing victims, such as has not been discovered for decades.

Yesterday BILD reported exclusively on the gruesome discovery.

The remains from 11 dead have already been exhumed, just 1.50 meters below the road! Many of them children and women.

But now the truth comes out: The mass grave has been kept secret for 10 years!

BILD now has files in its possession that show that these bones were found already in January 2002 during construction of the canal. Already then…

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