Exposing the roots of the “Nazi Occultism” myths, their purpose and perpetuation

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Justice for Germans

Concerted and organized efforts to misrepresent and to demonize National Socialism go back to it’s very foundations in 1920, well before Hitler was a known commodity much less  a political force in Germany, and of course long before World War II. Every possible rumour and slur was conjured up by the stated mortal enemies of the National Socialists: Judeo-Freemasonic-FreeMarket-Capitalists  and their counterparts the Judeo-Freemasonic-Marxist-Bolshevists,  Those attacks never ceased, and indeed, they became more intensive, pervasive and refined as time went on, right through the war, and they never stopped, even after Hitler and the NSDAP were long gone.  Why?

I believe it was merely a continuation of the devilish Anti-German propaganda and Psychological Warfare that had been used in the first world war to demonize the Germans in order to motivate the allied troops, and to cause dissension on the home front in Germany, in order to demoralize the nation and to bring about a surrender to…

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