Zeppelin L23

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Airship L23 was a Q-class zeppelin built by Luftschiffbau Zeppelin in Potsdam to the German Kaiserliche Marine and made its first flight 8. April 1916. It was stationed for two periods at the airship base in Tønder, but was 21. August 1917, shot down over the North Sea 40 km west of Stadil Fjord (Denmark).

As a newly built airship, L23 arrived on April 21. 1916 at the base in Tønder, but was already transferred on April 29. 1916 to the base in Nordholz at Cuxhaven and returned on the November 9. 1916 to Tønder again. L23 participated in 51 reconnaissance raids and three bombing raids against England with the following officers on board:

On April 16, 1916, Lieutenant Commander Otto von Schubert joined as commander and Oberleutnant zur See (First Lieutenant) Armin Rothe as 1 January 1996. They had previously flown together on airship L7
On 10 August…

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