World War II started in 1933!

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Justice for Germans

We have all been taught, or programmed to believe that World War II began on September 1, 1939 with an allegedly unprovoked attack upon Poland. That myth, which has been passed off as truth for over 70 years is very easily debunked. I have posted numerous items previously here and have provided many permanent links to this information, which prove that we have been lied to, and which also prove that Germany was acting legally, ethically and responsibly in retaliating against Polish acts of aggression, which led to war.

That said, one could argue that World War II was merely a continuation of the first war, and that it was planned for, hoped for and prepared for, by the allies, and that it was virtually assured by the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles,  with Germany forced to disarm, and to take full responsibility, as well as, to made to…

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