The Dirty Secret About Life In The Buchenwald Concentration Camp We Can’t Discuss.

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The media endlessly reports the horrific crimes committed by Germany in the so-called Holocaust. This article shows that, at least in Buchenwald, many of the crimes committed in the camp were by Communist inmates.

Accusations of German atrocities rarely account for Communist control over life within Buchenwald camp including food and property such as clothing.

Crimes Committed by Communist Inmates at Buchenwald

In addition to crimes committed by Germans, many of the crimes committed against Buchenwald inmates were by the underground Communist camp organization that gained almost total control of Buchenwald after 1943. This situation was reported in a U.S. Army intelligence document dated April 24, 1945, entitled Buchenwald: A Preliminary Report. The confidential report noted that as large numbers of inmates began arriving at Buchenwald during the war, the understaffed SS had to turn over an ever larger share of camp administration to the inmates themselves. By 1943…

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