“The Plan” is Agenda 21 (aka Agenda 2030), Confiscation of Private Property, Sustainable Development, and Re-Wilding (by Day, M.D.)

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Mon 25 Nov 2019
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Agenda 21 – Eminent Domain – Confiscation of Private Property – Sustainable Development – Re-wilding
by Lorraine Day, M.D.

The United Nations Agenda 21 was signed by the United States in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Very few people have even heard of it yet it is being implemented in every city, community, and region in America. Agenda 21 is a 40 chapter document listing goals to be achieved globally. It is the global plan to change the way we “live, eat, learn, and communicate” because we must “save the earth.”

“Its regulation would severely limit water, electricity, and transportation – even deny human access to our most treasured wilderness areas, it would monitor all lands and all people. No one would be free from the watchful eye of the new global tracking and information system,” according to Berit…

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