Those who truly need our help

This post is a departure from my usual topics but I feel the need to get my feelings out. Many look at the homeless, a good percentage of which suffer from mental illnesses as well as addictions, as the dregs of society. As the parasites of our communities. This is the wrong way to look at the situation for 2 reasons: parasites work behind the scenes siphoning off the host not out in the open and many are unable to help themselves.

Many of the homeless suffer from mental disorders which they may not have the means to seek professional help for or lack the capacity to know to seek help. We see this with veterans whom return home suffering horribly from what they have seen or done while abroad. They’re selfless acts of joining the armed forces can often change them. They return a different person. With corruption amongst other issues affecting VA’s, many of these soldiers don’t receive the proper help. These people were willing to put their lives on the line for us (put aside any personal beliefs concerning the politics of wars). They did a job that most wouldn’t or couldn’t. Don’t look down your nose at them for one day any of us could be in the same situation. Instead, help if you can. Even small gestures can make big differences. They didn’t ask for the hand they were dealt. What kind of society are we if we allow our most downtrodden to suffer.

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Ellie Wolfe

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