That Time when France’s 3 Billion Franc Fortifications did Nothing in WW2

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Possibly one of the biggest waste of money in history was the Maginot Line. After World War 1 the French were fearful of another war with Germany and so they built large fortifications on the border. The French spent over  3 billion French francs to construct. It was truly an impenetrable fortification. So what did the Germans do?

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The Germans simply went around the fortified line. Instead of attacking France directly, the Germans went through Netherlands and Belgium. The quick attack caught the allies in surprise, and the Germans almost ended the war at Dunkirk, but the Germans made the mistake of not attacking them directly. Anyways, the whole invasion of France lasted only 6 weeks until they finally surrendered. Probably the biggest L in history.

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Here’s a message for you Twitter jews kvetching so hard there and elsewhere about the “growing climate of hate” and antisemitism blah blah

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RuDarts. Truths the system is hiding from you

“Climate” that has been “allowed” to grow on Telegram: You have NO IDEA how bad it really is.

You see, we’ve wised up to your methods of censorship of the exposure of your crimes. We’ve grown tired of the constant strongarm tactics you use to kick us off of platforms while you are free to spread the most vile, genocidal hatred about our people, free from consequence, on the very same platforms you whine and cry about allowing a culture of “hate.” ALL of us who matter see through your tricks and know your game at this point.

That’s why it’s actually HILARIOUS to us when we see you crying and moaning in your high pitched nasal voices on Twitter and other gay platforms EVEN about the fact that we are allowed to just talk to one another or screenshot your OWN content and share it here. The funniest thing…

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