Holocaust in Dresden: City Wiped Off the Map

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World War 2 Truth

Editor’s note:  Here is an original news article published in Australia shortly after the Dresden bombing.  Notice the use of the term Holocaust to describe the destruction and devastation.  The Jewish hijacking of the term is one more example of the projection of their own evil on to the Germans. The article mentions the massive amount of refugees in Dresden at the time, making the current official death toll of 25,000 seem ridiculous.

AAP And British Official Wireless LONDON, March 4 (1945).

Dresden was completely wiped out by the massive Allied air blows on February 14 and 15. Not a single building remains and tens of thousands of citizens are buried under the ruins, reports the German news agency, in what Reuter’s describes as the most revealing admissions of devastation ever to pass the German censorship.

holocaust-in-dresden-city-wiped-off-the-map-the-advertiser-adelaide-tuesday-6-march-1945-page-4 (1)The news agency’s war correspondent writes:—“The Dresden catastrophe is without…

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