Rudolf Hess – Friedensflieger für Deutschland! Rudolf Hess-peace flyer for Germany!

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Rudolf Hess – Friedensflieger für Deutschland!
Rudolf Hess-peace flyer for Germany!

The Inside Story of the Hess Flight

On May 10, 1941, Rudolf Hess made his daring flight from Germany to Britain in a vain bid to stop the tragic conflict between two nations he admired and loved. When Hitler’s Deputy parachuted to earth from a Messerschmitt fighter over south Scotland, Germany and Britain had already been at war with each other for twenty months.

It is well known that Hess made this unprecedented move to impress on Britain’s war leaders just how earnestly Germany desired peace. But even after the passage of forty years, much about the famous episode remains shrouded in mystery. The biggest question is whether Hitler knew in advance about the flight. Did he even order Hess on this mission of peace, as some insist? We cannot be sure if Hess would reveal the truth…

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Holyhoax™ – Mengele trained a dog to memorize classical music, and viciously attack jews who played a note inaccurately

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Exposing the Holocaust™ Hoax Archive – A HolyHoax Museum

“Those who control the past, control the future: who controls the present controls the past.” – “1984” by Eric Blair aka George Orwell

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mengele trained a dog to memorize classical music, and viciously attack jews who played a note inaccurately

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Dr. Josef Mengele, the hardest working Nazi in the Third Reich. Aside from choosing who lived and who was gassed, performing ghastly experiments, picking the whores for the Auschwitz brothels, also found the time to train a dog to attack Jewish musicians for playing the wrong notes.

“What is less known about Mengele, at least until this article was published, is that he was a devotee of classical music. In fact, in the same building known as “the experimentation block” there was a “music room” in which he would indulge…

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Holocaust in Dresden: City Wiped Off the Map

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World War 2 Truth

Editor’s note:  Here is an original news article published in Australia shortly after the Dresden bombing.  Notice the use of the term Holocaust to describe the destruction and devastation.  The Jewish hijacking of the term is one more example of the projection of their own evil on to the Germans. The article mentions the massive amount of refugees in Dresden at the time, making the current official death toll of 25,000 seem ridiculous.

AAP And British Official Wireless LONDON, March 4 (1945).

Dresden was completely wiped out by the massive Allied air blows on February 14 and 15. Not a single building remains and tens of thousands of citizens are buried under the ruins, reports the German news agency, in what Reuter’s describes as the most revealing admissions of devastation ever to pass the German censorship.

holocaust-in-dresden-city-wiped-off-the-map-the-advertiser-adelaide-tuesday-6-march-1945-page-4 (1)The news agency’s war correspondent writes:—“The Dresden catastrophe is without…

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That’s How the ‘Liberation’ of Poland by the Red Army Was: the Mass Rapes of Girls and Women

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More than 100,000 Polish women, aged 4 to 80, were raped by the Soviets

WARNING:The content of this post can be upsetting for the reader. Indeed, I have thought seriously whether I publish it, but what happened must be remembered for respect to the victims.

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