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Axis War Heroes Joachim Peiper

A video presentation about the life and times of Joachim Peiper.

Messerschmitt presents the second video in his series on Axis War
Heroes, this time on Joachim Peiper. He started out in an SS cavalry
unit and Schmitt reads out a report from the time detailing his high
points, before going through all the promotions he received and why he
was given them. We then learn that it was France who declared war on
Germany and not the other way around and we even see a news report
confirming this, with French riding back across the border on stolen
German bicycles.

Peiper distinguished himself on the Eastern Front, deploying the Panzers
under his command as if they were cavalry and his tactics with the
tanks showed how accurate the earlier SS assessment of him was. He was
captain of one of…

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