The Strange Death of Heinrich Himmler

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Himmler’s corpse after his “suicide” by cyanide poisoning, May 1945

Himmler allegedly committed suicide by using a cyanide pill after being captured.

This has been questioned with the suggestion that Himmler was murdered. One example is the revisionist Arthur Butz who have stated that “It is most unfortunate that Himmler was a “suicide” while in British captivity because, had he been a defendant at the IMT, his situation would have been such that he would have told the true story (being fully informed and not in a position to shift responsibility to somebody else), and books such as the present book would not be necessary because the major material could be read in the IMT trial transcript. But then, you see, it was not within the bounds of political possibility that Himmler live to talk at the IMT.

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David Irving’s dossier…

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