Another Holocaust Fabrication on the Block

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World War 2 Truth

Original source:  Veteran’s Today, author, Jonas Alexis

The Holocaust Industry will never cease to attract people who want to make a name for themselves. It is quite obvious by now that those people who want to resurrect a rotten corpse, a stench in the nostril of virtually every person with an ounce of common sense. Those people want money,[1] and since the love of money is the root of all evil, they will to do virtually anything to get the almighty dollar.

Moreover, the Holocaust Industry wants to keep the masses under their control. This is one reason why Norman Finkelstein calls it an industry. People in the industry don’t want the masses to start thinking, start doing a little research, and start asking fundamental questions. They want to control the masses like zombie. And if they have to lie to maintain a colossal hoax and complete fabrication, so…

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