The Secret Stalin-Churchill Pact – WWII Soviet Bolshevik Atrocities – Freemason Archives

An excerpt from the documentary ‘In the Shadow of Hermes’ by Jüri Lina concerning certain little known aspects of WWII, including: the Stalin-Churchill Pact, the reasons for Operation Barbarossa, the Soviet occupation of the Baltics and how the Germans were greeted as liberators, the Soviet War against Finland, Soviet Bolshevik terror and slave camps with knowledge and tacit consent of the Allies, and Allied Freemasonic document archives seized by the Germans, later taken and hidden by the Soviets. The original audio is Swedish with English subs. I have re-narrated this portion into English. Watch the Full Documentary here
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4 thoughts on “The Secret Stalin-Churchill Pact – WWII Soviet Bolshevik Atrocities – Freemason Archives”

  1. Mainstream “historical” documentaries on television are so biased and inaccurate these days that it makes one wonder why they are protesting too much so many years after the war. Recently, I heard some court historians on a program effectively blaming Hitler for the Allied atrocities (such as bombing Hamburg in the summer of 1943). So, now, we see that Hitler not only gets blamed entirely for the war in Europe, but he also is responsible for the war crimes that the Allies committed! I guess with this “logic” Hitler is also at fault for the merciless and criminal Allied occupation policies after he (Hitler) was dead!

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