Army Virtue-Tweet Backfires: 1000s Expose ‘Heartbreaking’ Horrors Of War

We understand, per hindsight, that the wars of the past were the workings of zog. We know now that we should not have fought in them. Hindsight is a great thing. Despite that, many fought because they thought they could make a difference. They fought because they truly loved their nations. There are many, many reasons one choses to enlist. No matter the reason they joined, they were willing to give their lives to protect us.

And how is their dedication repaid? They come home to people spewing hatred over the war. They come home to long wait lists at VA’s if they are even able to get to a center. They return to families that may not recognize them for the trauma has forever changed the soldier. We have so many left homeless once they return. So many living with trauma on a constant reel playing in their minds, forcing them to relive horrible events, and yet they receive no help. So many turn to alcohol, drugs, or suicide.

These men and women vow to give the ultimate sacrifice for their nation and we allow them to struggle mentally and physically. My heart goes out to those living in nightmares while they are pushed to the side and forgotten about. No matter our thoughts on the reasons for wars, we must do better as a society to look after our soldiers.

Below is an article concerning a tweet made by the US Army in which they ask people to share how servicing has impacted them. It seems the responses they received weren’t what the Army was expecting. The responses are sad to say the least. What is most sad is that we don’t step up for our soldiers. I’d hope that these responses would bring about changes in our system but I’m afraid that may be wishful thinking.


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