Zionism and the Third Reich – Was Hitler a Zionist Agent? Did Hitler Create Israel??

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Justice for Germans

This is part 3 in series dealing with the issues concerning Hitler, National Socialist Germany and the Jews. In the first part, I demonstrated that powerful and influential self-described “Jews” in New York and London declared war on Germany in 1933, and launched a world wide economic warfare against her, based upon bogus atrocity stories. In part 2, I showed that the largest and most influential Jewish organization in Germany at the time, publicly stated that these stories were untrue and that they themselves attempted to defend National Socialist Germany against the vile, slanderous atrocity propaganda, and how of their own accord, they took measures to re-assure the world that the atrocity stories were untrue, and moreover, that these stories were doing more harm than good, by fanning anti-Jewish sentiments within Germany. Now let’s turn to the issue of Zionism.

Many in the so-called “truth movement” today claim that Hitler…

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