A German Day Of Remembrance

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4 thoughts on “A German Day Of Remembrance”

  1. His estimates for the dead from the expulsions from the Eastern territories are too low. It was not one half million, but likely as much as 2 million or more. The starvation policies in some of the zones also led to much infant mortality from 1945 to 1950. This was intentional genocide against the vanquished Germans by the Allies (who were not noble nor virtuous).

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    1. They truly wanted to make the Germans an example not only to cover up their own crimes but also to cover up the fact that there was a way out from the zionist system.

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      1. That is spot on. There is a way out of the Zionist system, and life had gotten pretty darn good for the Germans by 1936 or 1937. NS Germany had to be destroyed, and that was not just terrible for the Germans, but many believe, as I do, a loss for the world, for humanity. The Germans were making much technological and other progress that could have made its way into the wider world for the benefit of all. And, the Germans were making much cultural progress, too.


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