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Ellie Wolfe

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15 thoughts on “Search Results « Chronicling America « Library of Congress”

  1. Dear Ellie, I am very proud of my White Heritage – Scots, Germany, English and just signed up to your site. Not to be rude but your name sounds Jewish (Ashkenazic)! Of course Wolf is a proud German name. Please correct me if I am misinformed.
    Howard Alexander Stafford
    I am wide open public all over the ‘Net Universe! Nothing to hide! 14/88

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      1. Thank you & may the Gods bless you! Have you ever been asked before and why the “e” at the end since Wolf has been a great Teutonic name for centuries. Interesting side note, my Dad was great friends with Baron Wolfgang von Richthofen (both directors of the Jockey Club) and I went to private school with his son, also Wolfgang but only called Wolf. Like many Germans he was a champion swimmer! Always fascinated by what a small world.

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      2. Ellie you don’t have to explain yourself to someone who believes some Jew made media on names … The name Wolfe is Celtic and before Jews or talmudic people were in the country

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      3. Miss Ellie Wolfe, I appreciated your answer and trust you know there was no offense intended. As I approach my 70th birthday, blessed with excellent health thanks to my parents genes, I still learn something new everyday. Everyone should never stop learning!

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  2. Let’s not get tripped up over names. We all our comrades in the same struggle. When a decent Jewish person dares to criticize the outrageous acts of the Jews, he/she gets smeared as being a “self-hating” Jew (whatever ever the hell that means). Let us strive for unity of purpose among ourselves.

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