Hitler Youth Quotation Posters

“That we live in this great age is a gift of fate; that we may fight with Adolf Hitler’s Greater Germany is the greatest joy of our existence.’

#1/1940: 3 – 10 March

“The proudest and most manly thing a German can do is to bear weapons for the freedom and greatness of his people and Reich. The Reich Youth Leader and thousands of your leaders are dong their duty as soldiers. We require and expect you to imitate them, and also here in the homeland to behave honorably.”

#2/1940: 10 – 18 March

“Hitler Youth and BDM girls are not only obedient and faithful comrades, but above all silent.

Talkativeness shows a need for attention, whereas modesty is silent.

The war demands silent fulfillment of duty.

#3/1940: 17 – 25 March

“German currency is today no longer the object of speculation by the Jews and financiers, but rather the reward of labor.

What our fathers achieved must also be valuable to us, to be treated with care and economy.

Every unnecessary purchase is a luxury.

All must save for the Führer’s work!”

#4/1940: 24 March – 1 April

“The National Socialist movement became great because its old fighters followed the orders and wishes of the Führer without question.

The National Socialist state achieved great things because each citizen carried out the necessary measures in a united and disciplined way.

The war will be won if we are obedient, alongside the other virtues of National Socialism.”

#5/1940: 31 March – 8 April

“Nowhere is behind the lines in this war.

The heroic action of our soldiers at the front can be compared to the mobilized homeland.

We fight hand in hand, always with our Führer, our victory, and freedom and honor before our eyes.

Hitler Youth and BDM girls pitch in wherever labor is lacking and where they can make themselves useful.”

#6/1940: 7 – 15 April

“To be born healthy is a gift from the Creator.

He who has that blessing has the duty to preserve and improve his health so that he will be able to serve his people even when of advanced age.”

#7/1940: 16 – 22 April

“Cowardice is the most miserable attitude that a German can display.

Bravery is the noblest expression of our race.

Only brave people hold their own in life and are truly happy.”

#8/1940: 21-29 April

“Agricultural labor is harvest labor!

German soil is our common, greatest, and holiest possession.

To till the soil and bring in the harvest assures the life and fighting strength of our people.

During the war we all help the farmer.”

#9/1940: 30 April – 6 May

“We Germans know less a duty dictated to us than an order that reaches our heart and understanding.

The HJ itself developed the Youth Service Duty.

All German boys and girls serve the Führer voluntarily and gladly, for Germany is to be found in common service.”

#10/1940: 7 – 13 May

“National Socialist convictions and healthy and orderly outward behavior produce the new person.

One’s appearance is the mirror of the soul.

An essential characteristic of the Hither Youth must be to be proud but not arrogant, free but disciplined, and clean.”

#11/1940: 14 – 20 May

“I demand of you boys and girls that, in the midst of all the great things that you yourself have had the grace to experience, you do not forget our fatherland’s great past.

Past generations, too, have contributed to what Greater Germany has today become.

Hermann Göring.”

#12/1940: 21 – 27 May

“Let each ask himself of his acts: What does the Führer say about that?

Our greatest task, which is at its beginning, is building ourselves.

Only by doing that can we follow the path that brings us nearer to the great Führer.

And who is more obligated to that than the youth that bears his name?”

#13/1940: 27 May – 1 June

“True National Socialism rests on a deep love of the homeland.

The Hitler Youth should know and experience its homeland.

Our trips and camps serve to build love of the homeland.

The major work of building mountain huts for the youth, for which the entire people collects and sacrifices, is a preview.”

#14/1940: 2 – 9 June

“The German youth has a good sense for what is real and stands with both feet firmly on the ground.

It has learned to laugh once more.

It recognizes a great and powerful battle and affirms it with a courageous and cheerful ‘yes.’”

#15/1940: 10 – 16 June

“Even during the war the German youth has a passionate interest in German culture.

It is an eternal source of strength for our confidence, our faith, and our readiness for action.”

#16/1940: 17 – 23 June

“You would not be Adolf Hitler’s youth if you did not have the wish today to be somewhere at the front.

I know that most of you complain about your fate because you are still too young to be a soldier.

Console yourselves, for Germany will need your work as men, just as it today needs you although you are still boys.

Rudolf Hess.”

#17/1940: 24-30 June

“Whether you are at the school desk or in a workplace, doing your duty in the HJ and BDM, or at home with your mothers, you have tasks everywhere that you must fulfill if you want to be able to say that you are one of Adolf Hitler’s proper German boys and girls.

Rudolf Hess.”

#18/1940: 1 -7 July

“Be strong in character so that you always have the strength to fight.

Be decent and clean in your sentiments.

Have the courage of truth and despise the lie.

Give honor to those to whom you thank for your existence and to whom you owe everything that you have inherited in body and soul — respect your parents and ancestors.

Rudolf Hess.”

#19/1940: 8 – 14 July

“In every healthy boy and every healthy girl, alongside the desire for adventure is respect for great achievements, for the heroic deed.

The harder it is for you not to be at the front of the great battle, the easier it must be for you to do everything you can today wherever you are, to do your duty!

Rudolf Heß”

#20/1940: 15 – 21 July

“Never was a youth so united, so above every difference of origin and class, so united in a single idea, so aware of their common tasks and duties.

Never before did our youth want only and alone to be: Germany’s youth

Rudolf Hess”

#21/1940: 29 July – 4 August

“Not only a boy may be brave, but just as much a girl. Boys will become soldiers and the girls of our people will become mothers.

A mother needs much bravery and much inner strength, which you must therefore gain.

Dr. Gross.”

#22/1940: 5 – 11 August

“In an age when people always asked what can one gained, they said: Health is the greatest gift.

We say today, however, that health is also the greatest duty, for Germany does not need sick or weak people, and you have the duty to be sure that you are fresh and healthy boys and girls.

Dr. Gross.”

#23/1940: 12 – 18 August

“The dead of the great war of 1914-1918 have been avenged.

The burden that our fathers had to bear after giving up a war they had not lost has been taken from them.

The whole world looks at us with great respect!

We are armed for the final battle against England.

German youth, remain loyal, ready to sacrifice, obedient and alert!

Captain Ziersch / Bearer of the Knight’s Cross”

#24/1940: 19-25 August

“Always stand with both feel planted on Mother Earth, never surrendering it to a non-German.

Grow strong and when you are grown up protect the soil of your fathers.

Captain Ziersch / Bearer of the Knight’s Cross.”

#25/1940: 26 August – 1 September

“If each is always and everywhere conscious that it depends on him and his work, then an enormous strength will grow from millions of workers that will accomplish the greatest things and resist all other forces!

Hermann Göring.””

#26/1940: 2 – 8 September

“However the enemy may threaten or attack us, it is no worse than it once was. Our ancestors often had to endure the same. We must recall the statement of a great German: ‘Were the world full of devils, we must still succeed!’

Adolf Hitler”

#27/1940: 9-15 September

“The current generation bears Germany’s fate — Germany’s future or Germany’s decline.

Today our opponents scream: Germany shall decline! —

We have but one answer: Germany will live, and therefore Germany will be victorious!

Adolf Hitler”

#28/1940: 16-22 September

“If you boys and girls who are aware that you are German want to do something now and after the war to contribute to the future of our people, I can think of no better task that this: to become pioneers in building the German East!


#30/1940: 30 September – 6 October

“To firmly establish us in the German East is the life work of the present generation, together with you, my boys and girls, you who must take from us the sharp sword of the best German soldiers and the plow of the best German farmers.


#31/1940: 7 – 13 October

“The teaching of history and of human life is that a land can exist only when the farmer and his plow stands behind the sword of the soldier.


#32/1940: 14 – 20 October

“The essence of leadership is not in command, but in service.

The statement of a great German [Hitler] that ‘I am the first servant of my state’ is also a fundamental principle of National Socialism.

Baldur von Schirach”

#34/1940: 28 October – 3 November

Originally found at https://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/hj-wochenparole.htm

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