Christopher Jon Bejerknes Peddles Tired Old Jewish Lies About Hitler and National Socialism

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World War 2 Truth

Recently, Christopher Jon Bejerknes was recently on the “No More News” show with Adam Green on Youtube.  Adam Green, never really heard of him until now, gave Bejerknes over 2 hours to regurgitate old Jewish and “court historian” lies about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.  He recently has come out with a new book, “of which this is only the first in a series of books”, claiming Adolf Hitler was a communist AND a zionist.  In the past, he has written some interesting books criticizing Jews, one exposing Einstein, and another on the Armenian genocide, so he does not hold any punches when it comes to criticizing Jews.  However, that “brave” attitude towards Jews seems to stop when it concerns two of Judaism’s most precious lies:  Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.  If Berjerknes was so eager to put the Jews in their place and “take them down” like so…

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