Gulags – “organized terror”

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“No work, no food”

Camp operators called the camps “organized terror”. There was scant consideration for human rights. Inmates were simply exploited and worked to death in many cases. The steady influx of inmates meant that, in the eyes of the camp architects, prisoners were expendable. 

Soviet Union had more than 500 labor camps and penal colonies. They were first established in 1917 under Lenin.

In 1943, a new category of harsher camp was introduced, called “katorga” (hard labor). In these camps, the hardest work and the lowest rations were given to prisoners. Many times, prisoners were only given 300 g of bread a day for sustenance. 

One of the slogans in the camps was “No work, no food”. This was part of the Frenkel system (Naftaly Frenkel). In this system, Frenkel, a former camp inmate himself – he had been sent to the camp for stealing gold…

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