Nazino: Cannibal Island

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*Warning: Disturbing pictures of cannibalism.*


You have heard of “the Nazis”, but it is unlikely you have heard of Nazino. Nazino was an island gulag (bordered by rivers) in the middle of Siberia. The nearest settlement was 100s of kilometers away. Here on the gulag in 1933, 6,000 prisoners were sent, and 4,000 died (only 2,000 survived). Because of the lack of resources the prisoners were given, and living in the harsh frozen tundra, many people turned to cannibalism to survive. The Jewish members of Stalin’s cabinet, Yagoda and Berman, were the architects of this plan to send prisoners (that included political dissidents and innocent people who had been plucked off the streets) to this island gulag, a place bounded on all sides by rivers, in the middle of Siberia.

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PHOTOS: Cannibal Island, Where People Ate Each Other to Survive


It was 1933 when Stalin gathered  6,114…

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