Jewish Wordsmithing Techniques

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Essay By Oscar Yeager

Many, if not most Jews, are absolute masters at the use of language and linguistics, and are especially crafty in the use of their more nefarious cousins, that being twist speak, turn speak, doublespeak, the creation of new words and phrases, the changing of existing ones, etc.
Take the popular phrase “Holocaust Survivor” for instance.

The very notion of a person being a “Holocaust Survivor” is absolutely ridiculous, and comical by its very nature.
Since the traditional meaning of the word “Holocaust” was “death by fire,” it is impossible to “survive death.”
If one has been “Holocausted,” then one is dead. You cannot possibly survive being “Holocausted.”
Therefore, the very notion of a person being a “Holocaust Survivor” is an utterly ridiculous oxymoron.
The Jewish solution to this problem is two-fold. First, create a new phrase, that being “Holocaust Survivor,” to extract free monies from sympathetic entities all around the globe, by inflicting a guilt complex on them.
Next, change the definition of the existing word, that being “Holocaust.” This is slightly more complex.
The object here is to muddy the waters, make the word “Holocaust” out to have many meanings, all of which are flexible, and sort of bent and twisted to make the word out to mean whatever a particular Jew wants it to mean, at any given time.
You can see how this giant Jew scam could work, even if the “Holocaust” had actually occurred.
This butchering of the language is just another example of Jewish atrocities that occur all throughout the world.

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