The Fraudulent Diary of Anne Frank

Despite being proven as a fraud, many children today still are forced to read the fraudulent diary.

#holocaust #holohoax #jewishlies #zionistlies #gentileguilt #wwii #6millionlies

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Ellie Wolfe

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5 thoughts on “The Fraudulent Diary of Anne Frank”

  1. Hey Ellie, you may want to assign some tags to your posts. The one above could have been tagged holocaust and also tagged Jews. WP allows a total of 14 tags and categories for each post. You may want to use some so as to make these posts visible to more bloggers/readers. Hope that helps.

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    1. Yes, I was a bit confused. At first I thought you meant hash tags but I see I can add tags. Thank you so much for your help. I’m going to be updated all my posts.

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      1. Please bear in mind the WordPress limit. I think it is 14, but may be 15 in total. It looks like you went over that for this post. When I did that a few years back, my post did not appear on any of the tag pages that I had assigned it to. Best to use no more than say 10 or 12 tags and categories in sum total.

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