Narrative Warfare

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White Student Transmission

What do you know about narrative warfare ?twUhFDzP.jpg-large

Marxists use an attack technique I refer to as “narrative warfare.” I characterize narrative warfare as constructing a narrative that is intended to cause a public backlash against a particular group. These narratives are then delivered using a large public platform like media or the education system, so as to cause social eruptions. Narrative warfare is used to agitate the general population, instigate riots and incite violence. It can also be used as a means of weakening an entire society by using perpetual guilt narratives and conditioning its population to be submissive, no longer defend themselves or their way of life and prepare to disappear.

When a group is targeted with narrative warfare, one will notice the steady and continual release of negative narratives from highly visible and influential platforms; these narratives are designed to result in social backlash against the target…

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