Cremation in today’s world

It’s very interesting to see, in this day of advanced technology, in a busy crematorium in NY that at most 25 bodies are able to be cremated daily. Those 25 are able to be cremated with 5 ovens in an 8 hour period. The ovens at this particular crematorium are run 6 days a week. If we do a bit of math that is about 1.6 hours per body. Now if an oven were run 7 days a week, 24 hours a day that would equal about 5.475 in a year per oven. Of course, this can only be an estimate as we all know machinery from time to time breaks down and needs repair or routine maintenance so it may not be operable full time but let’s stick with 5.475.
So let’s say I happen to have 46 ovens, that would mean in a year, if every oven was operational every hour of everyday, I could cremate 5.475 times 46 ovens equalling 251.850. Now if someone were to say, decades ago when technology was inferior, it would be possible to cremate millions within a few years you’d likely question the validity of that story. It really makes you think.
8 hrs/5 bodies = 1.6 hours per body per today’s technology
24 hrs/1.6 hrs = 15 bodies per day
15 × 365 = 5.475 bodies in a year

46 ovens × 5.475 bodies = 251, 850 bodies in a year

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One thought on “Cremation in today’s world”

  1. Yes, quite right. Various revisionist authors over the years (such as Carlo Mattogno) have addressed the impossibility of cremating one million corpses at Auschwitz (Osweicim), and that is down from the 4 million figure the freaking Soviets pushed in 1945 (to divert attention from their truly monstrous crimes).

    There may not have even been 4 Krema at Auschwitz-Birkenau. That is what the Jews claimed. Camp records show that the crematoria were often down due to problems and needed maintenance from poor design and construction. There were deaths from Typhus and natural causes that required a small number of cremations over time. The ground water, the water table is so near the surface in the area that burial is impractical.

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